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5 Questions: Chiefs vs. Giants… ANSWERED!

October 1, 2013

In the aftermath of the Chiefs 31-7 victory over the Giants I want to take this opportunity to go back & see how the “5 Questions” played out.

On a side note. I know a guy who predicted a 31-10 final. Decent, right?

5 Questions

1. Will the Giants REALLYREALLY continue to try to throw all those deep routes with the offensive line troubles they have?

Answer: Well, yes & no.  Early in the game the Giants did seem determined to shorten some routes.  What I noticed even more so was sticking to the running game & adding in draws.  Say what you will about NYG’s game plan, but the draws certainly kept to the Chiefs honest to some extent. The Chiefs did tally 3 sacks, but compared to what many had envisioned it could have been worse. (or better from our perspective) The good news? Tamba Hali obviously saw my post. He took down Manning twice & without costing himself a sack &…. STILL got the strip.

2. With all the injuries at TE, can the Chiefs be more efficient on 3rd down? (especially short yardage)

Answer: The Chiefs were most certainly more effective on 3rd down. They were 9/16. Was that more the Chiefs offense or the Giants defense? Answer: some of both. Alex Smith was on the $, Dexter McCluster turned 3 catches into 1st downs. With that said, the Giants didn’t have great coverage in the middle of the field vs our bearded friend playing TE either.  The even better news here? Giants were 1-14 on 3rd down. Yikes.

I seem to remember a prediction about THIS being the week McCluster broke out.  Ok, so maybe 48 yards receiving isn’t exactly going Rambo. BUT when you add an 89 yard punt return where he made somewhere between 6-8 guys miss (depending on your source) that counts doesn’t it?  Huge play.  My neighbor had to know somebody named Dexter did something awesome. I was jumping up & down yelling “Dexter!!!” for quite some time. Sorry, neighbor.

3. Is this the week Jamaal Charles breaks one of his long video game style TD runs?

Answer: Ugh, No. I was wrong.  Jamaal was effective but our offensive line has just not opened many holes.  On Jamaal’s only carry of over 20 yards (24 yards) Jon Asamoah opened a hole you could drive a bus through though.  More of that please.

4. Will Eric Fisher block someone…without holding them?

Answer: Yes, he did.  As was mentioned in the original post… JPP just isn’t right quite yet.  Fisher played well before leaving with a concussion.  Although, he did have 1 of his mishaps that nearly got Alex killed in the redzone.

5. Lastly, will we bring Dwayne Bowe back from vacation?

Answer: Bowe had 58 yards and 1 TD.  34 of those yards came on the TD when the game was well in hand.  SO, I guess we have to define coming back from vacation.  Any time you score, its good… right?




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